Monday, February 04, 2008

The Pale Criminal

The passions are evil because they are potentially so extremely destructive, even though they can be creatively used and enjoyed.


Morphodic Entheogenics

Traditional virtues worship mediocrity and cause sound sleep.
But when sleep in the goal, life has no meaning.


Essence Incognito

One must find one's meaning above the commonly human. 'Person' is a euphemism for inertia, conditioning, and what you are before supposedly making something of yourself. We do well to overcome it.

Your unique position in the cosmos implies that the meaning of existence is not the inevitable outcome of evolution. Evolution might well cause the last person instead of the superperson. The meaning of your life is in rising above the common mass.

This rising, this going over, requires that you become a creator. A break with previous rules is constructive only when you've disciplined yourself in all areas of knowledge. The last thing you want is to be easy on yourself. First comes the beast of burden, then the defiant lion, then the creator.

Adapted from Nietzsche