Saturday, December 10, 2005

Courage & Convictions

A common error: to have the courage of your convictions. Rather, have the courage for an attack on your convictions!


Mining Under

If you are able to convince the opponent’s pawns and pieces to join you, the enemy’s king will not succeed in standing alone for a long time.

Gary Kasparov, September 2004, Hamburg

Method 2

One must say it ten times: The most important things are the methods!


Method 1

The method of inquiry is the most important thing.

James F. Harris

In A Letter To His Sister

To strike new paths, fighting the habitual, experiencing the insecurity of independence and the frequent wavering of one's feelings and even one's conscience, proceeding often without any consolation, but always with the eternal goal of the good, the true, and the beautiful.


Secret Goober Mentals

One of our best defenses against the national security state is the perennial proclivity of clandestine organizations to piss off their own employees.

Orlin Grabbe