Saturday, March 18, 2006

Blind Alley

For these people of today I do not want to be light, or to be called light. These I want to blind. Lightning of my wisdom! Put out their eyes! They arouse mistrust against great things, these subtle counterfeiters and actors---until finally they are false before themselves, squinters, worm-eaten decay, cloaked with strong words, with display-virtues.

The Portable Nietzsche, p. 401

Ivory Ignorance

Even first-rate philosophers are often surprisingly ignorant of the relevant philosophical literature.

William Wainwright
Philosophy of Religion

Destiny's Darling

One meets one's destiny often in the road one takes to avoid it.

Less Is More

Very few of us can own things without being corrupted by them, gaining thereby a false sense of security. Very few of us can resist being distracted by things. We need to choose the simple and lasting instead of the new and individual. . . . This means reducing instead of adding, the reversal of our habitual thinking.

Anni Albers


Death is nature's way of saying "Howdy!".


"Cult" just means not enough people to make a minority.

Robert Altman
The Observer, 1981

I Have The Touch

In prosperity, human life is only a sketch. And when misfortune comes, the wet sponge blots out the drawing with a touch.



Everywhere I have sought rest and did not find it except by sitting alone in a nook with a little book.

Thomas a Kempis