Friday, October 05, 2007

No End In Sight

My writings will never be finished. I write things and then later on think they're immature.

But to stop writing because of the endless reconstruction would be to fall for the entropic fallacy, the same false assumption that general pessimism depends on. So in spite of imminent entropic doom and the world situation, I'm somehow just as hopeful as I've ever been.

Impatience to better my situation caused a number of problems, but they were also by-products of just morally and spiritually rethinking issues. That slow process of change began long ago when I asked a few key questions, thereafter wanting to free myself and my mind from authority and bias, and continued until I braved the woes and interrogated what I assume in those questions.

Now I resolutely face the worst and reject almost like breathing the authority of anything merely established or traditional while trying to develop my own habits that measure up to the standards I've chosen, such as freedom, humaneness, and rational criticism.

I also realize now that I alone am responsible for controlling my life , and no other human authority. It's up to me alone to avoid suffering, sickness, and death so that I can pursue my goals as much as possible while I have the time.

Of course, this personal revolution has carried with it certain self-destructive powers.

But they may yet be comfortably subdued by a wiser ascendancy.