Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Coroner of the Death of Belief in God

"The primary emphasis of Nietzsche's mature writings is that 'Belief in the Christian God has become unbelievable'---a statement that represents a cultural observation rather than a philosophical argument. 'What is now decisive against Christianity is our taste, no longer our reasons.' "

Western culture has not ceased to believe in God on account of unassailable philosophical reasons, but because of its shifted mood."

-Alister McGrath
The Twilight of Atheism

The Coroner of the Death of God

Nietzsche did not form a project to kill God. He found him dead in the soul of his contemporaries.

-Albert Camus

Spring Cleaning

She: Do you believe in god?

He: Yes.

She: Why?

He: Well i just think there has to be a god.

She: Why?

He: Well i just don't think it could all just have happened.

She: But my question is why you think those things. I get the point that you believe them. My question is why, not whether.

Chain Drive

Justaposing views and their respective cases is an engine of clarity.