Sunday, July 15, 2007

Heuristic Universals and Necessary Truth

At the pinnacle of questions about the total in every sense, there is not only a set of irreducible values and rules of thumb about questions themselves (as well as everything else), but an entire structure of such identities and rules arises from the overall statement-question set itself. And then it becomes self-repeating, of necessity.

So there is this godlike objective rule set according to which everything is thought about.

To follow such rules is to express or predicate truth about values and increase the value of values themselves, by using those rules and thereby valuing them as valuable means to an ultimate value or goal, of a better situation in every conceivable sense, to approximate an ultimate good of some kind, which is the highest value (God is the best of all possible situations, among other things), the ideal by which all value judgments are themselves adjudicated.

And it's this expression and use, discovered from a set of questions and considerations, a set of universal or general statements in other words (questions themselves being interrogative statements) that is itself questioned, and therefore explained, first.

This explanation is the set of Ultimate Truths.