Saturday, April 07, 2012

Mondo Gnu Atheists

If I were asked to narrow down what characterizes the New Atheists to a single trait, it would have to be immaturity. In tone, in argument style, in philosophical sophistication, in grasp of social workings, in ability to assess consequences to behavior, and in emotional development, they just come off as incredibly juvenile.

--The Deuce over at Phaser's blog

I notice this too. They're not exhibiting rational and scientific precision or logical exactitude in their *own* tirades against belief in God. Yet that's what they accuse believers in God of being lax about.

And in the case of most believers---they're right. However, that doesn't get them a pass on their own views and arguments.

But not living up to their own standards *does* get them noticed as having blinked.

They really shouldn't make it so easy.