Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Zeno Trick: Prior-Inclusion Conditional Equivocation

‎"Consider All of Reality. All of Reality includes our universe, any gods that might exist, any other universes that might exist, and all abstracta. If it exists, then it's part of All of Reality. Does All of Reality have a sustaining cause?"

But does this mean a cause included already as a prior condition of the scenario in your definition of "All of Reality"? Or something separate from that defined "All of Reality"?

Something separate would contradict the prior definition of "All of Reality", unless you're questioning something that you've already included in that totality merely to claim an implied contradiction in any claim alleging a sustaining cause in -addition- to the already-defined "All".

There is one entity in that All, God, which is uncaused, and sustains all other existing reals. So there's no "sustaining" cause needed for the total due to God's unique causal necessity, and in God's sustaining the rest of the "All".