Monday, October 10, 2011

Moonstruck Bovinity 1980 - Critique of Marxism and the West

"If someone really wants to perform a service, he should make comfortable people uncomfortable, and calm people agitated. He should plant contradiction and conflict in stagnant people. By God, it would be a thousand times over a greater service to sow doubt among some of these people than to sow certainty, since that certainty is being injected into people at such a rate that it acts like a narcotic; it is worthless. We 700 million Muslims have a certainty that is not worth two bits. What comes into existence after doubt, anxiety, and agitation has value: "Belief after unbelief!"

. . . We see the other kind of certainty all through history, and it is worthless. . . . The prophets came essentially to produce controversy. Otherwise, the people would have gone right on grazing peacefully in their folly."

--Ali Shari'Ati, Marxism and Other Western Fallacies, Mizan, 1980, page 99. Just came across this today, and there is some kind of translation and or language issue in this English version, but I'm going to have to read it at some point.

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