Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hoisted by a Shared Petard

It's going to be funny to watch atheists and theists stumble all over themselves trying to explain why they've mutually ignored issues of criteria and the philosophy of logic for -decades- (centuries?), once the issues finally get traction in the media.

But first I'll make one point (there are many) about the Little Bo Peep "problem" of evil: An atheist can have an objective concept of good in the sense that any kind of reasoned approach to reality as a whole necessarily assumes a good in the notion of intellectual propriety. In other words, a good is already assumed in the logical/illogical distinction that prefers logicality. However, atheist thumpers still beg the question in assuming that an ultimate being must be good in order to exist, an assumption that remains unquestioned in the loop guru mentality among most atheists.

But the same type of thing is shared by both atheists and theists concerning background assumptions and meta-theoretic criteria. The longer they spar on a relatively adolescent level, philosophically speaking, the more explaining they'll eventually have to do.