Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Harold and Nita: A Love Story

A letter I found today, inside the envelope containing my Mother's will:

Oct. 23, 1991

Dear Harold,

Had I many worldly possessions to leave you, they could never compare to the treasures of the heart that you have given me.

You'll never know how I depended on you for help and guidance, and you have never failed me.

You have graced every moment of my life and brought warmth to my heart.

You have eased every step and soothed every doubt. You have filled my days with joy beyond imagination and description. My strength was in your daily love.

I thank God for his gracious gifts to me in this earthly life, the most gracious of all, you, my life companion, my sustenance, my hope, my warmth, my one and only love.


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